How do I order my repeat prescription?

If you take medicine, you’ll usually have a repeat prescription.

This means you can order your medicine when you need it without having to see a GP until your next medicine review.

The easiest ways to order repeat prescriptions are:

  • your nominated pharmacy can order your repeat medication on your behalf (speak to your pharmacy to get this arranged)

If you have a question about your prescription or medication click here to submit a request.

Collecting your prescription


Your prescription will be ready for collection from your nominated pharmacy after 2 working days, unless the doctor needs to see you.

You will need to choose a pharmacy to collect your prescription from. We call this nominating a pharmacy.

You can change your nominated pharmacy at any time:

  • on the app or website where you order repeat prescriptions
  • at any pharmacy that accepts repeat prescriptions

Help us to help you

  • Try to plan ahead and order your medicines a week before you run out
  • Allow at least two working days as a minimum
  • Order early to cover holidays
  • Only order items that you need
  • If you have stopped taking any of your medicines, please tell your doctor or nurse
  • Attend for your regular medication reviews

Prescription frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Will I definitely get my prescription?

For your safety, the doctor may need to see or speak to you before deciding whether to issue a prescription. Reception staff will not know in advance whether the doctor will authorise your request. They can only process it.

If any of your items cannot be issued, we will try to phone you to let you know. If we are unable to contact you, unfortunately, we can only let you know when you come to collect the prescription. Please ensure you let us know of any change of address or phone number, including mobiles.

How do I get an urgent prescription?

If you have run out of your medicines and cannot delay taking them, we can try to arrange a same day prescription. If you contact us before 10:30. we may be able to have a prescription ready after 18:00. However, this should be a one-off only and cannot be guaranteed. Please give one week’s notice whenever possible. We are not able to prepare prescriptions while you wait.

In an emergency, ask at your usual pharmacy if they can give you an emergency supply. Other pharmacies may also be able to supply up to five days of your medication. They may charge for this service. You may also be able to get a short-term supply of your medication by contacting NHS 111.

What is a medication review?

The doctor, pharmacist or nurse will need to review your medication every so often to make sure the medications are working as they should and are still the most suitable for you.

If you have been advised by the surgery that your medication review is due, please click here to request an appointment with one of our practice pharmacists.

Will I be charged for my prescription?

Most adults in England have to pay prescription charges. Some items are always free, including contraceptives and medicines prescribed for hospital inpatients.

The current prescription charge is £9.65 per item.

To find out more about prescription charges click here.

Can I get my medication delivered to my home?

If you would like to have your medications delivered, you must arrange this with your preferred pharmacy each time. We are not responsible for deliveries and cannot ensure that the pharmacy delivers on time.

How do I order anticoagulant medication?

If you are requesting an anti-coagulant medication such as warfarin, we will need the dates of your last blood test, the date of your next blood test and your current INR.

Please download the Anticoagulant Medication Request form to submit these details.

What do I do with old medicines?

Take it to the pharmacy you got it from or bring it in to the surgery. Do not put it in your household bin or flush it down the toilet.