Training practice

Student health professionals

The practice is involved in teaching a variety of health professionals. From time-to-time we have student nurses and doctors working with us. Wherever possible, we try to include them in the practice team, and they may spend time sitting in consultations with the nurses or doctors. They are bound by the same rules of professionalism and confidentiality as the rest of the team. We will always inform you when a student might be present during your consultation. You can opt out at any time and this will not affect your care in any way.

It is helpful for students to gain experience in talking with patients and examining them. We greatly appreciate our patients’ participation in training the next generation of nurses and doctors.

Further training for qualified doctors and nurses

We also have doctors or nurses working with us who are training to be GPs or practice nurses. They are already fully qualified doctors or nurses but are working under supervision from a senior GP or nurse to develop the skills special to general practice.