Non-NHS Fees

Many certificates, reports and medical examinations are not covered by the NHS and all surgeries may charge for them privately. These charges cover the clinical and administrative work that is required. The following is a guide to our usual fees.

Individual forms vary as to the amount of work required and therefore the level of charge made. Where possible, confirmation of the actual charge will be given when the request is received.

Certificates, forms and short letters – £20.00

A straightforward letter or one or two pages of a form to be completed by the doctor.

These include:

  • Private sick note
  • Certificate of vaccination
  • Student certificate of illness
  • Fit to travel certificate
  • Freedom from infection certificate
  • Sports – record extract
  • Camp America form

Reports – £30.00 to £60.00

Report forms (usually two or three pages of form), longer letters, written reports, extracts from medical records. Fee is dependent on complexity of form and time spent.

These include:

  • Health insurance claim verification
  • Holiday cancellation insurance claim verification

Medical examinations – £70.00

Where an appointment for an examination is required.

These include:

  • Holiday cancellation insurance
  • Accident/sickness insurance
  • Fitness to attend – education, sports etc
  • Pre-employment
  • Driving – HGV, PCG, Taxi, elderly, diabetic etc
    • Please ask for our leaflet explaining the system and our charges.
    • Additional charges apply in the event of missed appointments or appointments cancelled at short notice.
    • If any laboratory tests are required there will be a further charge.

Private lab tests – £20.00 + lab fee

This charge is made where tests are needed in order to complete a private report (e.g. for a private medical examination) or at the request of a patient. There is no charge for tests requested by the doctor as part of your NHS care. Private tests, e.g. urine/blood tests, are charged in two parts. The practice charge is for taking the samples. The laboratory that processes the specimen charges their own fee (please ask for details) and this is paid by the patient directly to the laboratory.

Fees for letters, certificates, reports etc. must be paid before collection.

We can only accept payment by cash or card. We do not accept cheques.

Enquiries about the completion of letters, forms and reports may be made after two weeks, but we cannot guarantee a date for completion as this is dependent on the availability of the GP doing the work.

Travel service fees

Some travel services are not covered by the NHS so there is a fee to cover the clinical and administrative work that these require.


  • Yellow Fever – £55.00
  • Rabies – course of three – £150.00
  • Hepatitis B (age 16 plus*) – course of three – £75.00
    We offer Hepatitis B vaccinations free of charge to children aged 15 and

Malaria prevention

  • Private Prescription (age 16 plus*) – £10.00

The prescription will enable you to buy malaria prevention medicines from a pharmacy. Pharmacies set their own prices for these medicines.

We do not charge for a prescription for malaria prevention for children aged 15 and under.


  • Vaccination Certificate – £20.00
  • Fit To Travel Certificate – £20.00

Please make an appointment 6-8 weeks before travel. We regret we are unable to offer an urgent travel service if there are no appointments available.

All travel service fees must be paid before the first appointment, including fees for the full course of vaccinations. We can only accept payment by cash or card. We do not accept cheques.