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Rusholme Health Centre, Walmer Street, Manchester, M14 5NP, Telephone: 0161 225 6699, Fax: 0161 248 4580

The doctors

You will be registered with a named GP but you can consult any member of the team and choose any GP to be your regular doctor. Although the GPs work closely as a team, they can tailor care to your particular needs when they know more about you personally. This is particularly important if you have ongoing issues - make sure you ask the receptionist to book you with the same GP. To avoid having to ring back, please please ring in the morning on a day they are in, as shown below.

Doctor Gender FT/PT  
Dr Aneez Esmail Male Part-time M(a.m.) Th (p.m.)
Dr Hassan Awan Male Part-time M
Dr Archana Griffin Female Part-time M Tu W
Dr Maeve Hanley Female Part-time M Tu (a.m) Th
Dr Simon Henshall Male Part -time Tu Th
Dr Anjali Kay Female Part-time Tu W F
Dr Manisha Kumar Female Part-time M(p.m) F(a.m)
Dr Karen McClay Female Part-time Tu W Th F
Dr Mohiuddin Miah Male Full-Time M(p.m) Tu W Th
Dr Victoria Mitchell Female Full-time M Tu Th F
Dr Daniel Moynihan Male Full-time Tu Th F
Dr Iyesha Nadim Female Part-time
Dr Isabel Nash Female Part-time  
Dr Serena Rasheed Female Part-time M Tu W
Dr Rosemary Telford Female Part-time M Tu
Dr Robert Varnam Male Part-time F
Dr Fashan Zheng Male Full-time M Tu Th F

What is a GP?
A GP (General Practitioner) is a fully qualified and experienced doctor who has undertaken specialist training to become a GP. GPs are experts in the management of a wide range of common illnesses and health problems. Where a GP feels that a patient's problem requires even more specialist advice, they may refer them to hospital to see a doctor who specialises in just one area of medicine.

What is a GP registrar?
A GP registrar is a fully qualified and experienced doctor who is undertaking supervised, specialist training to become a GP.

What is a locum GP?
A locum GP is a fully qualified GP who is standing in temporarily for one of our usual GPs who is away for some reason, or if we have a vacancy.

What is a foundation year doctor?
A foundation year doctor (also called a House Officer) is a qualified doctor who is gaining wider experience. They work under supervision at all times to ensure that they always provide good, safe care.


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