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Rusholme Health Centre, Walmer Street, Manchester, M14 5NP, Telephone: 0161 225 6699, Fax: 0161 248 4580

How to register


Our practice area

We take new patients from some parts of:

  • Rusholme
  • Victoria Park
  • Fallowfield and
  • the City Centre

including student halls of residence.

If you are thinking about registering with us, please phone our receptionist to check whether you live inside our practice area. If you do not live in our area you can find details of practices nearer to you on the NHS website.

How to apply to register

You are advised to first phone the practice to check whether your address is within our practice area.

  • Print off and complete a Patient Registration Form for each person. Make sure each form is signed.
  • Bring the completed form(s) to reception (during our opening hours) along with proof of identity for each person and proof of address for all adults (aged 16+). We will also need proof of address for under 16s who are not registering at the same time as an adult.
  • There is a list of acceptable documents below. We need to see original documents and the reception staff will take a copy.
  • Please bring your Medical Card, if possible, as this will help to trace your medical records more quickly.
  • If you are on regular medication, please bring the list with you, from the right-hand side of your last prescription.
  • All new patients aged 16 or over need to have a health check. The reception staff will book an appointment for you.

Proof of identity

The following documents are acceptable:

  • Passport (any country)
  • UK driving licence photocard
  • UK birth certificate
  • EU national identity card
  • UK identity card for foreign nationals (ICFN)
  • UK ARC card
  • UK Armed Forces ID card
  • UK adoption certificate
  • University of Manchester student ID card

Proof of address

A wide range of documents are acceptable, including some for people who have no settled address. The most common are shown below.

  • Utility/phone bill *
  • Bank/credit card statement *
  • Benefit statement or payslip showing address *
  • University accommodation office letter **
  • If you do not have one of these, other documents may be acceptable. Please phone us to check.

* Must be less than 3 months old
** Must be less than 12 months old

Temporary patients

If you are a UK resident and you will be living in our practice area for less than 3 months, you can be treated as a 'temporary resident'.

Regular NHS care is available to UK residents only. If you are not usually resident in the UK then we can provide emergency care only.


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