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Rusholme Health Centre, Walmer Street, Manchester, M14 5NP, Telephone: 0161 225 6699, Fax: 0161 248 4580

How to book an appointment

Get treatment fast!

You can get fast treatment for many common conditions without an appointment by using our popular scheme!

What's the problem?

When you ring to book an appointment, the receptionist will ask for a brief idea of the problem. This is so that they can offer you the right type of appointment, with the right person. If you prefer not to say, that's fine, just let the receptionist know.

Who to see?

You don't always need to see a doctor. We offer a wide range of services provided by our nurses and nurse practitioners. They often have more appointments available. Sometimes the reception or administration staff will be able to help with your query, e.g. for test results or enquiries about letters or forms. If in doubt the receptionist can advise.

For ongoing problems we recommend that you see or speak to the same nurse or doctor each time, wherever possible.

If you would like to consult with a specific GP, please ring in the morning on a day they are in. Please see the doctors list for their days.

Arranging to see a nurse or healthcare assistant

You can make an appointment to see a nurse or healthcare assistant by telephone or by calling into reception. The length of the appointment depends on the reason for the consultation, so the receptionist will ask.

Arranging to see a doctor or nurse practitioner

If you think that you need to see a doctor or nurse practitioner please telephone us before 12 p.m. You can also phone any time before 5 p.m. but occasionally if we are unusually busy (e.g. if GPs are absent through illness) then you may be asked to call back the next day. If you call after 5 p.m. the staff will ask you to call back the next day, unless it's an emergency.

The receptionist will ask you for a brief idea of the problem and book you a telephone consultation for that same day. The doctor or nurse practitioner will call you back. Many problems can be resolved this way, saving you a visit to the surgery.

The receptionist will try to give you a rough idea of when the doctor or nurse practitioner will call you back. Please try to be available and keep your phone with you. If you will only be available during a particular time period then please tell the receptionist and they will try to accommodate this and let the doctor/nurse know. We understand that some people (e.g. working people) may have particular restrictions and we will do our best to fit your needs. However, it does help us if you can give as large a time period as possible. 

If the doctor or nurse practitioner thinks that you need to come in to the surgery they will book an appointment for you. This can be on a date convenient to you. If they think your problem is urgent they can arrange to see you on the same day. Please tell the doctor or nurse practitioner about all the issues you would like to discuss: a routine face-to-face appointment is 10 minutes but they will book you longer if necessary.


Please don't waste appointments.

If you have made an appointment and no longer need it, please telephone us to let us know so that it can be given to someone else. Alternatively you can register for online access at reception and this will allow you to cancel your appointments online.

If you fail to cancel your appointment before you are due to see a clinician it will be marked as a missed appointment on your medical record. Our policy is that if you miss too many appointments we reserve the right to remove you from our practice list. We will send you warning letters after your missed appointments. If you continue to miss appointments you may be removed from our list.

Urgent medical problems

If you think your problem is urgent, please tell the receptionist. Everyone that requests an appointment will have a telephone consulation on the same day. If the doctor or nurse practitioner needs to see you they will book an appointment for you, which will be on the same day if they think the problem is medically urgent.

If you are asked to come in on the same day, then sometimes the doctor will only be able to deal with the urgent problem. If you have other problems then you may be asked to book a further appointment. Sometimes there can be a delay if it is busy or if the doctor has to deal with very ill patients, so please be prepared to wait.

For information about other services that can offer urgent help, see: In an emergency.

Arriving for your appointment

When you arrive for your appointment you need to either:

  • use the 'arrivals touch screen' in the waiting room - just type in your gender and birthday
  • or check in at reception

If you do not let us know you have arrived then you will miss your appointment.

Please arrive before your appointment time, in case there is a queue. If you are late for your appointment then the doctor or nurse may not be able to see you and the reception staff may have to rebook your appointment.


A chaperone is a clinical or non-clinical member of staff to be with you while you have a medical examination.

If you would like a chaperone for an examination, please let the doctor or nurse know and we will arrange one for you. On occasion this may mean rearranging the appointment but we will try to avoid this. 


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