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Rusholme Health Centre, Walmer Street, Manchester, M14 5NP, Telephone: 0161 225 6699, Fax: 0161 248 4580

Expert patients

If you have a long-term health condition, you might be interested in the Expert Patients Programme.

What is it?

The Expert Patients Programme is a free (NHS-funded) training programme that provides opportunities to people who live with long-term health conditions to develop new skills to manage their condition better on a day-to-day basis.

Benefits of becoming an expert patient

Expert patients:

  • feel confident and in control of their lives;
  • aim to manage their condition and its treatment in partnership with health care professionals;
  • communicate effectively with professionals and are willing to share responsibility on treatment;
  • are realistic about the impact of their disease on themselves and their family;
  • use their skills and knowledge to lead full lives.

Find out more and find a course

Contact details for courses in Manchester are here.

For more information or for contact details for courses elsewhere see self management uk

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